How to start a town:

To start a town you need to find a spot that suits your needs, is far enough from other towns so that you have room to grow, and  in your have enough funds in  your account.  Stand on the spot where you want your town to be and type in the command: /town new {town name}.  Presto!  you are now the prond owner of a town.  Make sure you put some funds in your town's bank (/town deposit {amount}) as there is an upkeep fee of 10 per day.

Managing a town:

Each resident in your town will bring 8 plots to the town (a town plot is 16x16 blocks) and the town will be charged a fee to claim plots (/town claim).

Mayors can set how residents will pay taxes two ways:

/town set taxes {$} - this can either be a flat rate or a percentage.

  • Percentage: - This charges a player a percentage of the total amount of ningis they own. If a player has no money left, he pays no taxes and is not kicked from the town.  To use this method the Mayor will use the following command: /town toggle taxpercent to switch from percentage to flatrate (toggle on = percentage, toggle off = flatrate).
  • Flatrate: - This charges each resident of a town the same amount.  If a resident can't pay his town tax when using flatrate taxation then they are kicked from the town

/town set plottax {$} – this charges each resident for each plot they own.  If a resident cannot pay their plot tax they will lose their plot(s).

Other useful Town commands every Mayor should know:

  • /t - Shows a player their town’s information.
  • /t ? - shows commands available.
  • /t {town} - shows another town’s information.
  • /t list – lists all towns on the server.
  • /t online – shows players in your town which are online.
  • /t add {resident} – add residents to your town.
  • /t kick {resident} – removes residents from your town.
  • /t spawn – teleports to your town spawn.
  • /t spawn {town} teleports to another town’s spawn.
  • /t claim – claims the townblock in which you stand for your town.
  • /t claim outpost – claims an outpost for your town.
  • /t claim {# (radius around current postion)} – claims an area of townblocks around you for the town.
  • /t claim auto – claims as many townblocks around you as is possible given the amount of funds in your town bank.
  • /t unclaim – unclaim the townblock in which you stand.
  • /t unclaim all – unclaims all townblocks (not recommended).
  • /t unclaim {# (radius around current postion)} – unclaims an area of townblocks around you.
  • /t withdraw {$} – removes money from the town’s bank.
  • /t deposit {$} – adds money from the player’s account to the town’s bank.
  • /t buy bonus {amount} – buys available bonus townblocks.
  • /t outpost – teleports to an outpost.
  • /t ranklist – displays residents and their ranks.
  • /t set
    • board {message} – sets message seen by residents when they log in.
    • homeblock – sets the homeblock and spawn of your town.
    • spawn – sets the town spawn, must be done inside the homeblock.
    • name {name} – changes the name of your town.
    • outpost – sets a townblock as an outpost.

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